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“Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heartthrob.”

 —Leroy Brownlow

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Say thank you to your mother on this lovely day. Thanks her for always being there and making you feel loved, cared for, and special.

Billow and Le Vow have prepared a list of Mother's Day Set Menu to celebrate this meaningful occasion and to create a special moment last a lifetime.


Go all out with Billow's three-course Mother's Day set menu.

Let us be part of your special day!

Featuring pan-fried scallops with mango salsa, crab meat ravioli in fish consommé, lobster linguine and pan-fried grouper with sautéed spinach & potatoes in lemon butter sauce.

* Mother's Day Set Menu will only be available on 13-14 May 2023

Enquiry phone no. / WhatsApp:

2657 6628 (Billow)  2657 6610 (Le Vow)

Le Vow Mother’s Day set menu features contemporary Chinese cuisine. From the Signature deep-fried crab shell stuffed with fresh crab meat & pollock roe to double-boiled superior soup with fish maw and steamed coral grouper, this meal is to treat your mum.

* Mother's Day Set Menu will only be available on 13-14 May 2023


Mother's Day Flowers
To Surprise Your Mom



We have a beautiful range of flowers just for this occasion. Whether you're looking for a classic bouquet or something more unique like a mixed arrangement, we have you covered. Lets Match Mum's favorite and arrange with care to ensure that they're as beautiful as they are meaningful.

Price List

Fresh Flower Bouquet

$800 (L) $600 (M) $380 (S)

Boxed Flowers
$780 (Preserved Flower)

$380 (Fresh Flower)

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Flower ordering no. / WhatsApp: 9297 1213

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