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An Ethereal Wonderland

to Pronounce Your Lifelong Devotion

Time stands still, when you and your beloved one pronounce your lifelong devotion to each other in front of Lake Egret. The Lake House, is built to create the most ethereal and magical wedding moments that one can ever imagine.


The sunset sprinkles its last rays on the lake, reflecting dreamy orange color on the water surface where family and friends gather around for the ceremony. When the moon comes up with its light glistens up the lake, the banquet begins.


Whether you would like to stay at the peaceful lawn, back to our elegant European style Le Vow, or have a wedding party at our vibrant Billow, we are sure your wedding will be one of a kind. We take care of the size of your wedding at ease with multiple venues for you to choose from while each place will also sync with the nature in perfect harmony.


The Lawn - A romantic outdoor fantasyland for family and friends to witness the moment of the bride walking down the aisle by the lake


Le Vow - Perfect for an elegant European styled wedding, with large arched glass windows and doors overlooking the Lake Egret


Billow - Made to give an energetic vibe and joyful feeling to the wedding ceremony and party, celebrating a bright new start for the wedding couples 

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