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Dear Luna 2023
月之星圖 2023

Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival at the Lake House and share these special moments with family and friends whilst admiring the full moon. Cast a wish, join a paddle boat tour to explore the waters, and get up close to our 10-meter-high moon decoration for some festive photos.

今年中秋LAKE HOUSE 把星光串成了奇幻隧道, 帶你走進繁星湧動的宇宙世界! 跟摯愛在夜色中形成光的森林中穿梭, 在月兔陪伴的璀璨下共渡浪漫難忘的中秋之夜! 由9月21日起至10月2日,白鷺湖將化身成許願湖並添上十米巨型月亮裝飾, 讓你與摯愛將願望寫上水燈與天燈於月光下許願, 在歡聲笑語中共度團圓中秋節,一同創造幸福難忘回憶!

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日期 Date  21 Sep - 2 Oct 2023

時間 Time 6:30pm - 11:30pm ( 最後入場時間 Last Entry : 11:00pm )

活動收費 Admission Fee:

入場劵 Entry Pass: $50


套票 Package:


星之光影 Starlight:  $90

(包括入場劵一張 + 許願水燈一盞) (Includes one entry pass + one wishing water lantern)

繁星之旅 Starry Journey: $150/成人/adult ,$120/小童/child (3歲至11歲) (3 to 11 years old)

(包括入場劵一張+ 賞月小船通行証一張) *(每節20分鐘) * 

(Includes one entry pass + one moon-viewing boat pass) *(20 minutes per session) *

星之芒 Star Bright: $220/成人/adult ,$190/小童/child (3歲至11) (3 to 11 years old)
(包括入場劵一張 + 賞月小船通行証一張 許願水燈一盞)

(Includes one entry pass +  one moon-viewing boat pass + one wishing water lantern)

*活動為寵物友善活動 (觀光遊覽船除外)

*Pet-friendly activities (except moon-viewing boat)

查詢電話 ​Inquiry: 9103 9467 (WhatsApp only)

交通 Transportation:

With limited parking space, visitors are advised to take the Lake House free shuttle bus service

(Travelling between Tai Po Market MTR Station and Lake House) 


可乘坐Lake House提供的免費穿梭巴士 (來往大埔墟港鐵站及Lake House) ​Shuttle bus and more about our location 穿梭巴士位置:


* 929日至102日穿梭巴士特別安排(加強穿梭巴士服務)

29 September - 2 October Shuttle Bus Special Arrangement (Strengthen shuttle bus service)

泊車 Parking:

50個車位,泊車優惠: 餐廳惠顧滿$300可免費2小時泊車,滿$500可免費3小時泊車,其後每小時$20,車位先到先得不設預留。

Around 50 parking spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking discounts: 2 hours of free parking with spending $300 or more in the restaurant, 3 hours of free parking when spending $500 or more, and $20 per hour thereafter.

_DSC8163 5.jpg


To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Le Vow invites you and your family to celebrate reunion and create unforgettable memories at Lake House.


Our chef has created a six-course festive dinner menu for you and your loved ones! Including a variety of exquisite delicacies, so that you can enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with our lake view.

Available: 29 September - 1 October 2023



Le Vow’s 2023 Mooncake Gift Set features something different for you. It includes a box of four-piece mooncakes made with fresh grassy genmaicha and traditional custard. In this gift set, you will also discover 2 selected premium Chinese teas – Ginseng Oolong & Longjing tea.

This gift set includes: ​​​​

Le Vow Lava Custard Mooncake (2 pcs)

Le Vow Genmaicha Mooncake (2 pcs)

Two premium Chinese teas – Ginseng Oolong & Longjing tea


Early bird: $298 (before 4/9/2023) ​

Regular price: $338 (after 4/9/2023)

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