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Peak Of Stillness

"On the top of movement, it hides the stillness.

At the peak of stillness, it returns to movement."


​"Peak of Stillness" online exhibition showcases Hong Kong artist Joice Cheung's "Peak of Stillness" and "Quiet Black Stimuli" series, exploring the interplay of light and shadow and her deep connection to the natural world.

In front of us, the plant looks quietly sitting in between stones. Without notice, they are silently growing inches by inches. This is the power of a seed moving whole bunch of soil.

This, is the art with life.


"靜極" 線上展覽展出香港藝術家Joice Cheung的"靜極"和"Quiet Black Stimuli"系列作品,探索光影交織,以及她對自然世界的深厚連結。



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