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Recieving Flowers


 When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.

 —Charley Benetto



Cheers to all the amazing moms! Thank you for being the perfect role model and the unconditional love that you have given to the whole family!

Billow and Le Vow have prepared a list of Mother's Day Specials to celebrate this meaningful occasion and help you create your unique joyful family moments.

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Treat your mom with our new Seafood Platter at Billow! From Alaskan king crab, Pacific white shrimp, South African abalone to Japanese sashimi and oyster, you may have a taste of the seafood from around the world!


Fancy Cantonese delicacies instead? Le Vow has also got you covered. No matter it's the Stewed fish maw with Japanese white shiitake mushroom or the Braised superior bird's nest with ginger milk, you will have the most satisfying Mother's Day meal at Le Vow.

* Mother's Day Lunch Menu will only be available on 7-8 May 2022

  Mother's Day Dinner Menu will only be available on 7 May 2022

Enquiry phone no. / WhatsApp:

2657 6628 (Billow) 

2657 6610 (Le Vow)

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